Family Testimonials

We are proud to present a curriculum that is rich in academics, while also providing your child with the social graces needed in everyday life.  English Oaks classrooms have been designed to exceed the needs of the young child with promoting the Montessori philosophy and blending in American culture.

"From the moment God brought us to EOMCA's doorstep, it has been such a beautiful journey for our family. Your vision for EOMCA was truly evident in the wonderful teachers & staff you've brought to the school, the good-hearted families you've attracted & retained and especially the programs you have inspired and shared with the children. It is not a cliche when I tell you how Thankful we are and never could have imagined any better fit for our girls as they begin their love of learning.  They have always loved going to school over their 4 years.  That happiness and excitement has been complete reassurance that what you have offered attracting us as parents is also what the children LOVE!!  You have taught me so very much about the children, love of learning, importance of family (related & School), forgiveness, fun, creativity, passion and true friendship."


"English Oaks is not a day care facility, it's part of our extended family. It's so nice to have such a safe and nurturing place for our daughter to attend school."

"The emotional, physical and academic growth my children received at EOMCA is irreplaceable.  It was the foothold that they both needed to grow into strong children, smart adolescents and eventually respectable adults.  It all stems from the first few years of childhood.  I am glad they were in your care.
After graduation, [our children] returned for a visit during summer.  It was as if we had never left.  Kind words are not enough to thank the staff at English Oaks for giving our family the comfort, warm and safe feeling we get when we walk in your building.  I hope that your tremendous love for children will continue to keep English Oaks and growing for many more years.  Even as life has brought us changes and our children have grown, it is nice to know we can return and count on your facility when needed. Thank you!"