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The Montessori method of teaching is founded on the premise that all young children pass through a well-defined sequence of steps to maturity, but at different rates of growth and in different ways.  Growth is as individual as each child.  Advancement within a child varies from skill to skill.  Presented with the proper instruments and direction, however, a child's curiosity and eagerness to comprehend the world will motivate him/her to move from mastery to one task to another with tenacity seldom seen in adults.

English Oaks Montessori Christian Academy believes that before children can take advantage of a good education, they need to know how to learn.  Only then, can we aid children in the development basic skills and the ability to judge, think and create.  Here at EOMCA we introduce the child to the joy of learning by providing a framework in which intellectual and social discipline can develop. 


When children learn how to think and reason, they can give intelligent responses.  We welcome you to English Oaks Montessori Christian Academy and encourage you to observe for yourself what makes our school so special for your children.​

All children can benefit from Montessori!

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