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We offer an extraordinary Montessori Kindergarten program. The Kindergarten Montessori educational program that helps to develop students who can become capable, accountable, knowledgeable and who will have the strong sense of self that they will need to thrive in the real world.

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We know this is a difficult uncertain time for many of you, and would like to offer our support.  With many local schools closing, parents are faced with difficult choices.  We know these times are hard and we want to help in any way we can.  English Oaks can offer you a small class size for your child in an environment that is safe, secure, and solid.  Our hands-on-Kindergarten may be exactly what you are looking for. Please feel free to call us and we will be happy to share this with you, even if you don't choose EOMCA,

We are Still all in this TOGETHER.

 Head of School #248-842-2888  or  Director # 847-271-5201

We are proud to offer the first  Christian Montessori program in the area for the young child.  The children in our program  are taught by loving trained teachers and a warm happy environment.
We are unique in the fact that we believe not only in educating a child, but also in teaching special techniques of social graces, virtues and good moral character  which are the cornerstones of a good and proper life.

When developed early, we know these wonderful  characteristics  are maintained as life skills forever, which give the child a solid foundation for success.
​Children are innately preparing to be adults.  Our goal as parents and teachers, working together, is to raise children with strong foundation skills, education, work habits, and social graces that will one day enable them to be responsible for themselves, their own homes, families and communities. 
Children who learn early in life to believe in their own abilities, and to take pride in their independence, self-discipline and work skills will be well equipped for life long success.
We, as teachers and role models, take our task seriously and take pride in the program we present to every child here at English Oaks Montessori Christian Academy. We invite you to join us on this momentous journey with your child.


We Believe:

... in academic excellence
... education involves the whole person; spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and          physical
... positive self esteem is basic to learning
... a prepared environment positively affects learning
... in a God-centered, ethical and moral framework of education and respect the interdependancy of all creation
... we are co-creators of God's justice and peace
... in the worth and dignity of each individual
... students learn more effectively in an environment of collaboration and cooperation
... in the uniqueness of each person
... education is a developmental process based on life experiences and reflection

Look what our families have to say about our school this year!

From the moment my husband and I stepped in the door, we knew immediately that this was going to be our children's new school. We signed all the paperwork and put in our two-weeks notice at their daycare center. We brought them to the open house, and that only further solidified and validated our decision to make the switch to Montessori. They didn't want to leave and begged to stay.

Our children have been in attendance now for about two weeks, and today my eldest daughter asked her father if he could "stay at work a little longer so I can play with my teacher at school more." Then, after dinner, I asked the kids to please clean up their toys so we can head to bed. They both yelled "teamwork," grabbed a blanket, piled the toys onto the blanket, and carried them to the toy box in the other room as if the stuffed animals were on a gurney. I'm seeing immediate results from the change of pace in their day. The calm environment the owner creates at English Oaks has really triggered their minds to expand past the plateau they both had reached before coming over to Montessori.

There's a small, well-educated staff that is very passionate about learning and loves children, quaint home-like atmosphere that's immaculate and organized and lots of advanced learning materials that blew my mind when poking around the shelves of projects.

I cannot say enough good things about English Oaks Christian Montessori. There are simply no words that can express our gratitude for what they do for our kids well enough.


As parents sending off our child to school for the 1st time, we were a little apprehensive about the investment being made (especially monetarily) and the potential development of our child, both academically and morally. 

Our child is now in his 5th month of school and I can say we have been pleasantly surprised how he has grown. We are especially impressed of how the staff prioritize God's word in their teaching curriculum, which supplements what we teach him at home. It is nice to know our child is being taught Christian values such as prayer/worship and thankfulness. The teachers seem to make the learning process fun.

So, has the investment been worth it? I would say a resounding "Yes".

As an added bonus, the English Oaks staff have been exceptionally kind, considerate, and friendly. It is always nice to have staff personally greet us at the door with a smile and an encouraging word. The owner and the director are very helpful and are Godly leaders for the school.

English Oaks is offering Kindermusik!


This award winning program will be provided for children in preschool and kindergarten, as well as our infant and toddler class rooms. 




 891 Union Lake Rd  White Lake MI 48386

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